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What will my child do at camp all day?


camp kidsmART is structured to allow children the opportunity to pursue their own interests and be exposed to new activities. Our first session each day is a “Morning Mingle.” Counselors write the activities they will be leading up on a large board where all campers can read them. Campers are free to choose the activities they would like to participate in.


Some “Morning Mingle” choices include the kidsmART press – complete with press pass, children are given digital cameras and the freedom to interview campers and counselors and report on camp events under the supervision of the Editor in Chief Counselor; song and dance rehearsals for the camp final performance; soccer games; nature walks through the Fort before it gets too hot; jewelry making; hands-on science experiments and more. We use this time to respond to campers’ interests and frequently start “Morning Mingle” groups based on camper feedback.


The rest of the morning is divided into two sessions. During the first session campers remain with their team of counselors. As a group they explore different activities and engage in special projects that their counselors design just for them. During the second session, the group of campers leaves their team of counselors and spends the session with another team of counselors. Since every team of counselors specializes in one area of visual or performing arts or recreation this gives the campers an opportunity to explore all camp kidsmART has to offer. For example, Jeremy has a group of campers called the Grizzlies. Jeremy is a recreation specialist focusing on organized games and sports. During the second session of the day, his campers may go to Nancy’s station. Nancy is the painting specialist and the Grizzlies will have the opportunity to paint still lifes in acrylic on canvas with Nancy.


At lunch time we encourage communal eating and a chance to relax and socialize. Children are welcome to join in organized games or to pick out a board or card game. There’s typically a lot of four-square and lanyard bracelet making at lunch!


Our third and final session is set up like the second session, with campers visiting another counselor to explore another activity or engage in something they haven’t tried before. One or two days a week, this final session is filled with a special event. Maybe it’s the scavenger hunt or a performance or the carnival!

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