#TheFrontStepsProject brings us together virtually despite being - and maybe feeling - isolated.

We aim to document this time with five-minute "Front Steps Portraits" of Rockaway residents. The proceeds from these portrait sessions will be donated to the healthcare workers who are working with those suffering from COVID-19.

With photos we seek to highlight the faces of our community during a time when we do not see them at the grocery store, in house of worship, the school gym, on the ferry or out on a Saturday night.

#TheFrontStepsProject, was started in Needham, MA on March 17, 2020 when Boston photographer Cara Soulia

(@CaraSoulia) and her friend Kristen Collins, kicked off the movement. One of the photographers participating in the project, Topher Cox, is a college friend of Christine Mullally. He introduced Mullally to the idea via Facebook and she in turn asked local photographer Linda Humphrey if she would like to start #TheFrontStepsProject here in Rockaway. Humphrey enthusiastically agreed, but in order to make the project feasible, more help was needed. Rockaway Artists Alliance's Board of Directors agreed the agency would partner on the project and James Dalid and Regina Moerdyk stepped in to lend their expertise.

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Photo by Linda Humphrey

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